Site Promotion Tips – How to Make My Website Appear on Google?

Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up On Google?

So, you have your website set up. You are all excited and ready to get some visitors to visit your website. And then you found that after a while, you website is still not showing up on Google or other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

If your website does not show up on Google, it means that your website is not ‘listed’ or ‘indexed’ on Google yet. In a nutshell, the reason why your website is not listed is because Google doesn’t know that your website exist and you need to let them know so that Google can send their robots or spiders to crawl your website so that they can get your site indexed.

How To Get My Website To Show Up On The Search Engines Then?

In order for the robots or spiders to find your site, you will have to let them know about it.

1. The first thing you can do is just submit your website to the search engines, below are the links you can use:

- For Google:

- For Yahoo:

- For Bing:

2. And then, you will need to get backlinks to your site, basically you want the search engine spiders to find your site through other people’s sites. You can do this by submitting an article to article directories such as or you can simply submit a story to social sites such as Getting backlinks from active websites is the surefire way to get your site listed on major the major search engines.

3. Another more advanced method is Press Release. Doing a Press Release for your website will not only get your site listed quickly but will also get a lot of exposure for your site and quality backlinks to your website.

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